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  The history of the Middle Ages is fraught with problems. One wonders if there will ever be any clear answers to questions concerning this period in history. To begin with, there has been a long and heated debate about the origins of the Middle Ages. I follow the somewhat traditional date of 476, the year the last Roman Emperor was deposed and a Goth assumed control of the western half of the Roman Empire. Though I chose this arbitrarily, most of what we would consider Medieval really started happening in the fourth century, and maybe earlier depending on your point of view.

  The argument goes on when one considers what is it that makes them call the Middle Ages the Middle Ages. Is it a cultural difference that distinguishes this epoch from previous ones and from what came after it? Or is it political? How much does geography relate to this debate? The questions are endless, and that is why there is so much speculation and scholarship about Medieval life. It definately is something different from Ancient Rome and the modern World, but how and why? Why do we even look to the past when we are living in the present? Whatever happened centuries ago has nothing to do with the present, or does it? Above all, that is my goal, to get you the visitor to come to your own conclusions about Medieval history and history in general. There is a purpose to all learning. Curiousity may have landed you here, but that can lead you to a life-long quest for knowledge.

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